Machine Guns: AK-47, FM Fall 8/4/8, SA80

Handguns: Webster 1942, CK 99, Alpha Bull(Dragon's Breath) 6/8/4, Fifty-Seven,

Shotguns: Mancini m1, Sega-20

Rifles: Hawk OP96 8/6/5

Melee: Nail Bat 4/8/8, Grinder 8/2/8, Ronan Pro 8/2/6, Iron Pipe 7/6/8, Fire Poker 3/8, Chef Knife, Baseball Bat, Kris, 2 Machetes, Machete 8r/3c, Kukri, Shovel, Sabre, Trench Knife, 2 Ronan Pro, Steel MS800, Sledge Hammer 3a/7c, Chef Knife 4/3/7, Pen Knife 4/7/7

Armour: Green Sports Armour 15/8, Green Sports Armour 15/8, Black Kevlar 15agility, Black Kevlar 20/15, Grey Mesh Slx 11 endurance, Red Reactive SLX, Brown Exterminator Reactive 20/23, Black Exterminator XT 22/21

Food: 3 Red Wine

Ammo: 4200 7.5mm, 2318 .32 Handgun


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